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The transcribed hotline interviews have proved to be a very popular section of recent newsletters and one we will continue to include. At first I thought they might be boring to those of you who use the hotlines regularly but I have been informed by many of you that, as I discovered when transcribing them, the differences between hearing an interview and reading one can be very interesting. The seriousness of certain points seem more apparent in written interviews whereas the humour is more apparent when listening to them. Either way we hope that you enjoy them and will continue to leave your questions. The following interview was longer than average so it was broken in to two parts for the hotlines.

DM - is the actual recording done now and you're off to mix the album?

k.d. - no the recordings not done but we are off to mix the record.

When you asked if fans wanted another compilation video we've been bombarded with 'yes!' so you have to keep that in the back of your mind, along with everything else.

In general terms have you come up with packaging ideas for the new album?

I've got a few ideas but that's sort of…I'm going to have to work on that in the next month or so quite heavily. I've got ideas but that comes when you get right into the work of it. I've got some concepts but I don't have it all completed yet.

Do you choose a photographer you life for the album cover?

Yeah if I use a photo for the cover. I haven't even got that decided yet but I have some photographers that I have in mind for the project.

Do you, or you and Ben, decide on the order of the tracks on the album or does the length of the songs have some role to play in that?

No, doing the stacking of the record is really important because it's like setting up a set for the stage. It's how you create the mood, how you get into it, how you leave it, where you want the ebbs and flows for the record to be. It's really important and that's something we spend a lot of time on but after everything's completed.

Do you have an idea of what the first single will be already or will the record company help you decide that?

The record company decides that almost entirely.

Do you have a say in what press you do, which TV shows, which magazines?

Yes I'm very involved in that.

Will you be reading the reviews the album gets?

No, hopefully none of them.

With your recording contract do you have to do so many albums in so many years?

I have so many records to do. I guess there is a basic time limit but the record company pretty much leaves me alone with it.

A lot of people are asking about your studio, can you describe it for them and how it feels to you?

Well, it's a house, it's small, it's a cross between tacky Italian Byzantine and baroque and broke. Baroque and broke! It's got a lot of velvet, it's got a lot of Indian rugs, it has hardwood floors and it has a beautiful view of Vancouver. And it's great, very, very comfortable place to work.

You chose the colours yourself?

Yeah, blues, burgundies, golds, silver, green, mustards.

Do you use a special computer programme for your recording?

We have a couple. We use Pro-Tools and we use Q base.

Years ago you promised to keep singing for the right reasons. What are your reasons?

Basically because I have to. It's my function. It's why I've been placed on Earth. It's a necessity. It's this black hole that the only way I can fill it is to be creative. And to sell millions of records, that's really the goal. To become rich, famous and to sell millions of records. To be idolized by everyone. That's my goal.

You're known for doing things your way so do you have fairly set plans for the future?

Well let's put it this way, I'm booked until August of 96 right now so I'm booked for the next year. I mean that's not necessarily doing it my way, that's just what has to be done when you put a record out.

Do you look beyond August 96 in your own mind?

Yeah I do, but that's subject to change.

When tour dates are set are they set or do things change as you go along?

No, things definitely change. If the record sky rockets you're going to tour more. Certain venues have to change because you're selling more tickets or less tickets, or the hockey teams or the basketball teams are in there. Venues change, promoters change. Yeah, you basically pencil it in. Until you actually play it you don't know what's happening.

If you are going to tour for eight months do you get a break?

The way we've been scheduling for next year is six weeks on, two weeks off. So we go out for six weeks and then break for a couple of weeks.

Do you get these two weeks off?

No, the band does, I don't. I usually do press or another video or whatever.

The Canadian TV network MuchMusic does a series of Intimate and Interactive concerts. Does the show of part performance and part question and answer appeal to you?

Yes definitely. I think Intimate and Interactive is a really good programme. I know I've enjoyed seeing Joni (Mitchell) and Annie Lennox and people like that on it. Yes, I can see me doing something like that, sure.

You participated on Elton John's Duets album. Would you have any desire to do one of your own.

I don't think so. I'm kind of dueted out but people keep asking me and it's really hard to say no.

Do current world affairs interest you? Do you follow them?

Sometimes but I find it a bit depressing after a while, there's a bit too much going on.

You've said many times that you don't read so where does your knowledge come from?

From cereal boxes and divine intervention I guess. I don't know.

Do you take a specific political stand? Are you a registered New Democrat, Conservative, Reform Party ….?

No, politics really bore me actually. I know they're a necessity on some level but I've always said that I'm not driven by political platforms at all but rather spiritual. I find spirituality far more important than politics.

Are you still going to therapy?

Yep. God do you think … look at me and tell me I don't need to go. Yeah, it's an ongoing process.

Have you ever run a marathon?

No, I can barely run a mile. Maybe a marathon for seniors.

There are all over the place now. What's your favourite vacation spot?

There's a bunch of them but there's something I love about Hawaii. There's just something. I really enjoyed my last vacation there and I'd love to go back.

What was your first job?

Well the first job was probably working in the drug store or mowing lawns but when I got out of school I worked in a record store, the classical department of a record store. I worked at a heavy equipment rentals supply place, got fired from there.

For what?

For singing too much, they didn't like that. What else did I do? That's about it, I didn't work very much. I had a couple of jobs.

Do you have a favourite memory of that time in your life, before the music took off?

I can't really remember because I was smoking an awful lot of hash. I can't really remember back then. Well actually my favourite memories were, of course, with Drifter.

Over the years people change. Is there anything that's changed in you that you miss?

Yeah, I miss being more spontaneous. I think that being in the public eye has narrowed or eliminated my extroverted person but I don't think I've really changed that much in the core personality but I'm less spontaneous.

Do new things still excite you?

New things always excite me.

You've said that you agree with Ben that a cd is a snapshot of a time of your life. What's the most distinct difference in this snapshot and the Ingenue snapshot?

I took myself more seriously and I was in more emotional turmoil when I did Ingenue. This record is a really kind of carefree, kind of 'whatever' attitude. Very easy going I would say, a little more up tempo.

Are you a sentimental person?

Yes but I'm more romantic than sentimental.

Do you ever get bored?

I bore myself constantly.

We've talked about disadvantages of being famous (in previous interviews), what are some of the advantages?

Well I think the biggest advantage to being famous is that you've attained an aspiration or a goal. By being successful with your music you've reached a goal. There's not too many. I guess having a certain amount of respect and having a certain amount of admiration is good but it all equals out. I really don't believe that being famous is anything different than anything else. I think that there's good and bad, there's up and downs, there's pros and cons. I think that it's all relative. I don't think it's any different than having a baby or getting a job at a 7 Eleven. I mean there are ups and downs to everything.

The fact that people listen to you, almost hang on your every word sometimes, do you think that's an advantage or disadvantage?

Well, again, I think it can be good and it can be bad. When I'm saying something that means something it's good but when I say something that's completely stupid it's bad. I think it's that way with anything, it's just exaggerated. It's all bent reality anyways.

Do you like Madonna's music and are you friends?

I like some of Madonna's stuff. I really love Take A Bow and I like Human Nature a lot. I loved Express Yourself and I liked Vogue. Yeah I like some of Madonna's stuff and I would say that we are acquaintances but I don't think I have any famous friends. I know a lot of famous people but my real friends are friends I've had for years and years and years.

So any rumours of a duet are just rumours?

Oh no, we've never talked about it.

Do you have lucid dreams?

You know what, I hate to tell you all this and disappoint you but that's all I have. I have very literal, very realistic dreams. I don't have psychedelic dreams. I have very, very literal and realistic dreams.

Well thanks for taking the time off, I know how busy you are. Enjoy mixing, you've said that's your favourite part.

It is my favourite part. Thanks.

NOTE: To say these interviews lack continuity would be an understatement but we do try to cover a diverse amount of your questions.

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Hi Fruitcake - glad you are enjoying the interviews - I'm never sure whether k.d. is joking about when she mentions hash, etcimage .. Anyway another wee tidbit from Summer 1995:-
What other titles did you consider for your new CD?
"a total world of whatever" or "you're okay"
If you were writing an autobiography right now what would the latest chapter be called?
What are you favourite incense scents?
sandlewood ... clean japanese (I think this is what it says) in general
If you had to describe yourself in five words what would they be?
everything you can imagine and ....
Finish this sentence. Recording this album has been ...
same as above.
What is your favourite word in the English language?
What is your favourite time of day?

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Mar 6 06 12:32 AM


um, no peanutsfan, i don't think kd ever jokes about her drug use, be it booze or pot or hash, etc.. i think she's always seen it as a vehicle to put her in touch with her muse. she did say (and i know this thanks to your efforts!image) that one of her best accomplishments is not having become addicted to heroin. thank goodness for her and us!image
and i love this latest bit. she and i are of one accord, based on these answers!
thanks again.

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Mar 6 06 12:40 AM


i meant to put a comma here:
thank goodness, for her and us!image
so it would say, thank goodness she was successful, both for herself and for us, her fans.
but the thank goodness for her stands!image

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