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Dec 18 09 1:05 PM

Well precisely Wendy.
If only kd knew what her customers do, that her career has been undermined by appalling PR and the worst website on the net since she changed Management.
The Watershed one has been much less of a fiasco than previous ones, in fact comparatively good but why is there no indication of an album release in a few weeks when it is mentioned on Amazon?

It has been said countless times on her fan sites. Little exposure on radio, less and less on TV, no adverts in the Press or on posters and what there is is easy to miss because of an official website that should have been her shop window on the world but has been more characterised by abandonment and misinformation than accurate news over the years.
It is impossible to calculate what all this has cost her but it is inconceivable that her career hasn't suffered.
I remember seeing her up in lights in Times Square but that was when she was managed by Bumstead.

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Dec 18 09 3:28 PM

She didn't know what her Business Manager was doing for many years, namely helping herself to kd's money.

She attributes the decline of her career to an album that was a movie soundtrack which supposedly "confused" the Music Industry. It didn't.

In fact the decline of her career corresponded with her signing on with Direct Management and becoming almost invisible and impossible to stay focused on and informed about. She disappeared. Not everyone looks at fan sites.

If you don't pay attention to what other people you are paying do and just trust to luck that they will do the job well I'm afraid it all too often doesn't happen.

She would travel the world to promote an album and people wouldn't even know she had been in their country because there was nothing about it on her website and no adverts. anywhere.

Let's hope this won't be like the Hymns project where the album wasn't put onto her website until three months after it had been released and then with the following year on the cover. Despite emails to her Managers and Nonesuch it took a year to correct that and then only because Shelley managed to make contact with someone at Warners ( who she was no longer signed up with) who didn't ignore her as everyone else did and promised to have a word with someone. He said, "Management is aware that kd lang's website is an embarrassment!"

Why has kd allowed it? Perhaps she is just too trusting to check. It has been a very great shame, to put it mildly.

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Dec 18 09 4:05 PM

I have to say that if it wasn't for Shelley and this website I would be 'blissfully' unaware of the forthcoming album. Also, again thanks to Shelley, I have been able to find out about the Ultimate bundle available at Bumstead.

Shelley, many thanks from me for all that you do.

Between no longer and not yet. On the threshold of some brighter thing - D Sylvian

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Dec 18 09 4:06 PM

This is a subject which makes us all just shake our heads in absolute disbelief.

She would travel the world to promote an album and people wouldn't even know she had been in their country because there was nothing about it on her website and no adverts anywhere
Tell me about it !!! Even last year in Berlin. Not one gawdd....d single poster, no media news, nothing, nichts, nada.

Perhaps she is just too trusting to check
Maybe. Maybe she is too caught up in her private life to think much about her career. Maybe bringing out "Watershed" after so many years was more of a necessary evil than anything else. One can't exist forever on love and fresh air.

But what also surprises me (and I have said this before) is that those nearest and dearest to her don't seem to take an interest either. Surely someone, Jamie, Ben Mink, her sister, would have said something. There must be one friend or acquaintance somewhere who has said, "What, you were in town last week? I didn't see anything"
The "Watershed" tour was a success (I think). I hope she realizes that, in order to stay up there, she has to do some work other than writing and singing.

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Dec 18 09 4:16 PM

Shelley, many thanks from me for all that you do
Hear, hear, JaffaWoo.
I sometimes have a look at the "official" kd site just to see if the idiots have cleaned out and/or updated.
We are still being invited to join kd in Long Beach in November (2008), to be sure and watch Leno in December (2008) and to take note of the added tour dates in Canada in April (well, at least that was 2009). Just a few examples.

I sure hope Abstorch never bothers with this site. Her blood pressure would go sky high and she just might have a heart attack.
Keep away from it Abstorch, we need you here.

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Dec 18 09 4:31 PM

This is a cutthroat business. Whatever is going on in her career, she ought to know, she isn't exactly naive.

At some point, l have to ask myself, does she really care about her fans? She should take responsibility for herself and her career.

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Dec 18 09 5:28 PM

for many years, shelley and abstorch have tirelessly attempted to bring the matter of kd's poor web presence and, by extension, the general lack of public visibility, to the attention of her management. often they have received kind responses and yet practically speaking, things have changed very little. as ever, kennedyflairs remains the heartbeat of what's what in kdland.
my hat is off to both you ladies and my hope is that the upcoming compilation records (kd25 and recollections), together with the project currently in the works, will mark a new era in the awareness and celebration of the talents of this most remarkable singer. but it will take more than my hope and the hope and efforts of this community to make that a reality.

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Dec 18 09 7:16 PM

I've been promised more on Recollections before the new year-I'll keep you posted!

I've had couple of nice emails from Larry-in one he says:

"I'll stay in touch with you as well, as your assistance with spreading the word about the re-issue to k.d. fans is a great asset to us."

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Dec 18 09 9:46 PM

Re: feeling cross with k.d.'s current management/website/etc

Remember when we had Obvious Gossip? I was too young to fork over the money to join, and I never did...then they shut the whole operation down

I've wished ever since that k.d. would start up a new fan club - it was a way to spread the news to everyone. k.d. said she shut it down because news was available
on the internet - but that's a load of you-know-what.

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Dec 19 09 12:13 AM

I think a recent reviewer summed it up.
"kd lang has been off the radar for many years."
Too true.
Manon's point about no-one close to her pointing out what was happening is very telling. Perhaps they tried. Who knows?

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Dec 19 09 12:34 AM

I could get into a lot of trouble here but l thought kd shut down OG because she was funding it out of her own pocket.

Abs. Do you remember? Didn't Staff try to sue kd?

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Dec 19 09 11:24 AM

Obvious Gossip was closed down because it was the end of the Bumstead era. When David Maddocks was made reduntant it is true he threatened to sue and it was settled out of Court.
I am not certain whether kd personally, Sire Records or Bumstead funded it but it was clear in OG's dying months that kd had lost interest. David was left saying that the only news was no news and rumours about kd's health and retirement were untrue. He was no longer in contact with her.
There were no more interviews with kd, even to answer outstanding questions for the final issue. One did not get any sense that she felt sentimental about making the final issue special.
She wrote a very brief note but it was clear that she felt the whole thing was unnecessary.

David wrote in the final issue og OG that one should not use Fan sites...."Rumour and gossip" but only use the Official website which would be constantly updated with news in busy times. He said the way forward was the Internet ( which was true) and that those who did not have access to a computer ( 60% of members according to a recent poll) should find an internet cafe near them and go there often.
The site was then abandoned and the rest is history.The culture of not only not informing fans of what was happening but wasting their time with incorrect information was established.

Had kd have had good Management they would have ensured that her PR was effective and that her work was properly marketed.

As things turned out, it all went downhill from then onwards. As has been said before, in addition to confusing and time-wasting misinformation, there was never even any mention of Nonesuch, Artist Direct or her Agent on her website. She really did disappear.

I remember the first stirrings of anger when, during the Invincible Summer project fans were asked to phone their local radio station to ask for kd's new Single to be played and someone wrote that as they hadn't bothered to tell us what the Single was or when it was released why should we go to trouble having to find out elsewhere and do that for them. It was the start of the realisation that courtesy and consideration for other people's time was no longer to be expected and Kennedyflairs, along with Langsters ( now defunct) were born.

It is clear from her many interviews that she is oblivious to what we all feel was a and possibly THE major cause of the decline of her career and she certainly has not given the impression that she didn't care that that had happened. She ascribes it to Even Cowgirls Get The Blues.

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Dec 19 09 3:16 PM

Wow, I had no idea the drama behind OG closing down. What a load of crap.

It should be revived. For us, the die-hards. I'd join in a heartbeat.

k.d. honestly thinks the decline of her career was a MOVIE SOUNDTRACK?! First of all, I LOVE ECGTB! Sure, the movie was BAD, but the soundtrack is amazing!

I hate to say this, but I think k.d. is a little lazy when it comes to her fans. I think she feels she doesn't owe us anything; and she's right, she doesn't. But it
would be so nice to have an active role in communicating with us. Her privacy would never be in question: it would be more a means of letting us know when she's on the road,
updates on new work, etc. LIKE OG! Geez, k.d......

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