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Aug 20 12 7:07 AM

yup, madame f.
it's an app (little software) for smartphones which enables users to communicate via yuku as if they were using a computer. presently for apple's iphone only, afaik.

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Sep 13 12 1:31 AM

Multi level forums--its what new in Yuku--Oh Joy ha ha

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Mar 23 13 2:20 AM

Capturing pictures/text off your monitor

I just discovered a tool in the google chrome store, it is an extension called "Screen Capture (by Google)" I installed it and it works great.

Basically you just highlight what you want to crop, and click "Ok>  Here is a web page that explains how to use it.  Once you have the  application installed, 
choose "Capture Screen Region" when you are using it and get asked.  I don't use this myself, but did add it to try it out.    I don't really know anything outside of what is in the following tutorial, but if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

There are also some tools in mozilla that do this.
Google "clipping tool" or "cropping tool", if you don't like this one, there are many more  out there.
I felt this one would be safe  to use as it came from the Google Chrome Store.

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Jul 30 13 12:19 PM

a question for those of you who know about instagram:

as that program/app/thing of mystery seems to be something that one uses on a mobile device, is it possible for a pc driver like yours truly to download it and to at least be able to save images easily, if not actually open an account of one's own?

i really would like to be able to save kd's visual offerings on twitter and it seems she's plighted her troth to instagram.

thanks in advance for any and all savvitude. smiley: glasses

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Jul 30 13 1:17 PM

hi there.
you don't need the app (as it only works on smartphones). all you need is an instagram account. then you can view the pics on your pc. i haven't tried downloading anything over the web interface but it doesn't seem to work the usual way (right click - save as) as there are free programs around that provide a comfortable way to do exactly that: browse and save pictures of the ones you follow. one of them is described here.
another way is to sign up to Extragram with your instagram login.

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Jul 30 13 1:49 PM

dragon, thank you!

i have no problem seeing kd's instagram images on my pc. it's saving them which is the challenge. as i noted elsewhere, i thought i had found an easy workaround with chrome, but it turns out it's less than reliable. sometimes i can save, sometimes i cannot.

i shall check out the programs you've linked to. do you know anything about their safety and how they behave on one's pc?

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Jul 30 13 1:57 PM

sorry ma'am, i have no experience. but c|net is usually a reliable source.
extragram is a webservice. you just join the club with your instagram userdata and give them an email address to complete the procedure.

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Aug 20 13 5:12 PM

saving instagrams and/or seeing kd's tweetfeed instagrams

if you're having trouble saving kd's instagram offerings (or any instagrams, for that matter) or cannot see them in her tweetfeed, i have finally found the key to this conundrum, with major help from google:

1. Visit instagrabbr. This is a service, recommended by Instagram, for searching and saving all public photos by a given username.
2. Enter a username and click search.
3. Click one picture to enlarge.
4. Right-click and save as ...

[the user name is kdsbb]

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