Nov 17 11 2:04 PM

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Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the 1998 Live in Sydney DVD?  It appears it is no longer available and I would really like to own a copy.  I am trying to get a copy of anything and everything that kd was in or her music has been used in and would like any input onto what that may be.  I have Salmonberries, Eye of the Beholder and Black Dahlia. I have Live in London and Live By Request.  I can get Soldier's Girl and The Last Don but don't seem to be able to get Getting Married in Buffalo Jump so if anyone can help me out with these I would be most grateful and if there are any others, I would really like to know the titles.   smiley: happy
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Nov 17 11 3:02 PM

Take a look here on Amazon.  They only have it on video tape, not DVD.  The new one is  £82 ( what!!!) but they have six used for around £6. 


The DVD is here but is also £82  Hard to believe!


I just have the video I think.

You could try eBay or www.ioffer.com   I once got something I was looking for there.

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Nov 17 11 3:34 PM

hi kdlangfan49!

'live in sidney' has never been released on DVD. it is a VHS only release smiley: frown.
the DVDs which occasionally appear on the internet are digitalised copies of the tape burnt on to a DVD. so don't spend money on that, it's a ripp off (and kd does not profit from that).

i bought my VHS on amazon from a seller specialised on music related stuff. it was second hand but in excellent condition and therefore very cheap smiley: happy

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Nov 17 11 5:23 PM

Hey 49----here are some I can think of off the top of my head----these are all k.d. vocals---she doesn't appear in any of them.

"Tomorrow Never Dies"--the ending credit song "Surrender" is very possibly my all-time favorite k.d. song. I mean--if you want k.d. at her sensual, sultry, seductive best you will listen to this. Turn up the heat to the melting point!!!

"Anywhere But Here"--opening song by the same name

"THe Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio"--she sings "Sitting On Top of the World"

"Sweet November"--she sings "Consequences of Falling"

"Twister"--she sings "Love Affair"

"Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"--she sings "Skylark"

I just rented "Getting Married in Buffalo Jump" from Netflix specifically because if has 3 k.d. songs in it. "Rose Garden", "Lock, Stock and Teardrops", and "Once Around the Dance Floor". Don't know if it's available for sale anywhere. Maybe Amazon or something.

HELP everyone!!! I know there are more. Or---go to IMDb---they have a listing I think.

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Nov 17 11 5:42 PM


Me, too, with the "Live in Sydney" VHS tape. I cherished it and was so afaid it would break. Then--a very wonderful person (from here!!) made me a DVD copy. I play it cranked up to the ceiling while I do my housework!!! Talk about just keeping me moving!!!!

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Nov 18 11 1:40 AM

49----here is k.d. singing "Surrender".�� Get ready to puddle-up!!!
I just had to post this----again--for the one millionth time!!!----in case you've never heard it.��� It is absolutely beyond sexy!!!!
Thanks to mrmeastrom.

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Nov 18 11 6:12 AM

WOW!! That was certainly more input than I anticipated. Thanks heaps you guys. You are all wonderful and I am so glad I am a part of this forum of very special people. Thanks for the video clips TAnnie. They are fantastic. I hadn't heard the Surrender one before so Thank You. You are correct as usual - beyond sexy!!

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Nov 18 11 9:51 PM

Thanks TAnnie! I didn't actually know about Surrender (I know how could I not?!) - its amazing! But that Jay Leno interview will forever make me feel better about what happened after the PD show!

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Nov 19 11 3:17 AM

Here's "Love Affair" from the movie"Twister" starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton�� I think it plays right before the tornado annihilates the drive-in movie theatre.�� Beautiful!!��
Thanks to videovillage4u.

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Nov 19 11 3:25 AM

And-----"The Consequences of Falling" from "Sweet November" starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron.���� k.d. singing this song makes�MY pulse quicken I can tell you for sure!!!!
Thanks to TokyoSub.

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Nov 19 11 3:46 AM

Ohmigosh!!! I forgot about "Golden Slumbers/The End" from Happy Feet. This is the one k.d. said she had to try several times before she ever made it through singing it. She kept crying and had to keep stopping.
Thanks to WoodpeckerRamsey.

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Nov 20 11 12:39 AM

My goodness you ladies have been busy posting. I remember the photo in the Love Affair one as the one I received when I became a member of Obvious Gossip all those years ago.
Love Affair is a beautiful song. I bought the Twister album just for it. In the film, it is just heard for about a minute in the background in a noisy bar. Who would normally buy the cd of a non musical film? It is one of those songs that only collectors would ever have heard. A pity.

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Nov 20 11 1:18 AM

Oh I just love this site...Got to spend the last 15 mins with some of my fave kd songs ..thanks ladies...Little patch of heaven is so cute and boy 'Surrender' is maybe the best vocal I've heard from kd on record.So sassy.x

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Nov 20 11 4:46 AM

Geez, I forgot that one , too!!!! (Little Patch of Heaven). Thanks so much for posting it. It is so playful and happy!!!

k.d can sing anything and give it the perfect emotion and sound---like Tony B. said. If a person didn't know it they might not ever realize that Surrender (120 degrees plus---whew!!!) and Little Patch of Heaven (cool and light) were both sung by the same artist. She's amazing!!!

Glad y'all that had never heard Surrender before have been introduced and are loving basking in the heat!!! LOL!!!!

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