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Jun 2 14 9:34 PM

Hey...just stopping in to say hello :) I've been a k.d. fan for long years, back to the old cowpunk days. It doesn't seem that long ago, watching her Reclines videos back in the '80's on MuchMusic here in Canada, and seeing her pick up her first Juno in her little white wedding gown. It's difficult to recall what a trailblazer she was, in the here and now of 2014. Anyway, happy to have fallen across your site :)

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Jun 5 14 12:43 PM

Hi ThirdGoddess !


In the absence of a responsible adult to do the job, welcome on board the board ! Goddess worshippers are much at home here, especially those who have stayed the course.
You might have caught us at a low ebb - bit quiet right now. Do feel free to get stuck in on the main forum above.

Can we call you 3G ?

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Jun 5 14 11:46 PM

Absolutely!! Though it makes me sound like a smartphone, LOL!! 
Nice to be part of a forum that appreciates thoughtful soulbaring songwriting, honesty, and the lack of superficial duck-lip instagrams.
Makes me happy :)

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Jun 11 14 10:39 PM


3G welcome.

Please except my apologies in responding so late after your entrance. Unfortunately kf's is far to quiet lately and even our long standing members such as fruitcake and Abstorch have gone missing. Please don't let the lack of communication at this time make you feel unwanted for all who enter here are most welcome and members are friendly.

I hope to see you on kf's more often.

Once again welcome to kf's. smiley: smile 

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Jun 13 14 6:47 PM

Aah -- maybe I can stick this in here and jokingly call this a trailer for Balletlujah -- because it really doesn't really fit but I find is so charming:

smile.gif-- hello, again -- art

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Sep 23 15 3:05 PM

hey, feisty!

not sure about retirement for our girl, but yes, kf's cyberbaby is not only here but looking forward to its 15th anniversary: no small accomplishment, ms. shelley. Blue_butterfly

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