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Mar 11 17 4:03 PM

Well it's certainly refreshing to see some new Interviews!  Thank you. 2a216b4042fc3afdf7b19da8eb16f9694e43c6c7  This fan was feeling very jaded, to be honest.

For me, the dispiriting previous project was not one I would have wanted to see, as an anti-climax to Sing It Loud and other kd concerts.  The CD bought out of loyalty, remains unplayed in its wrapper.

This now is exciting! 15f3609c4f8946b9fb5f3bc7fc33f8465020e261

I missed the original Ingenue Tour by a few weeks before hearing Miss Chatelaine and being knocked off my feet.

How wonderful it would be to see it now in London, with people coming from all over Europe. Fingers crossed.

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It was a great interview all round. 15f3609c4f8946b9fb5f3bc7fc33f8465020e261

Fifty four more days to go and counting. I cant wait! Happydance2

Oh! By the way. I couldn't resist, I have a ticket to all oz shows. smiley: happy

Live, love, laugh.

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