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Mar 20 17 3:16 AM

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news fruitcake. July comes before August. smiley: wink Ce3367e04dc64ea0f6d8344df4b3fd452bfa1b5a

It does no good to wish our lives away. I always say..."patience is a virtue." smiley: smile

Live, love, laugh.

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Apr 28 17 11:34 PM

Thanks kf.

Not bragging here but I will be attending five of the shows in Australia.

I was reading an article from The Sydney Morning Herald  about kd and there was some new news such as, Canada is celebrating it's 150th year and kd is the chosen ambassador. Go kd! Yay! It also stated that kd has found new love in Calgary three years ago so has left Portland and moved back to Calgary.

Congratulations kd. I sure hope this is the one for you. smiley: smile  

Live, love, laugh.

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Apr 30 17 1:32 PM

wow -- great news on all fronts, bep! 15f3609c4f8946b9fb5f3bc7fc33f8465020e261

big congrats on five shows! very cool! enjoy x 5. 1ff167484bf33cf7f90e354dcd7352ad473ec7e2

also, kudos to our girl for being chosen ambassador (who else?!). and best wishes to her in her private life. 

(i have no clue what the 'blazers will do without her courtside but i'm sure she'll cheer them on from away. smiley: glasses)

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May 1 17 9:21 AM

"blazers" would that be the Portland Trailblazers basketball team that kd barracks for?

If so, I'm sure with the world wide media coverage kd will be watching and cheering all the way. Happydance2

Has the season not ended for now?

Live, love, laugh.

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