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Mar 4 17 4:14 PM

perhaps this is meant to be a non-discussion thread and if so, i hope you'll excuse me for popping in just long enough to welcome you back, kf. Ce3367e04dc64ea0f6d8344df4b3fd452bfa1b5a 

and thank you for these links and other tour-related info.

exciting times again in kdland! smiley: happy

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Mar 5 17 3:56 PM

oh, that was excellent, soozie! thank you so much. Ce3367e04dc64ea0f6d8344df4b3fd452bfa1b5a

the interviewer did a really good job; it seemed as though they were simpatico.

i am really looking forward to the whole piece. smiley: happy

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Mar 7 17 2:49 PM


excellent! shall carve out 60 minutes asap, sit back and n-joy! smiley: happy

thank you!

edited to say: i just tried the fb link -- clicked on the promo on the '60 minutes australia' page -- and, as with bep's links, got this ...


The page you were looking for doesn't exist

You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved

Take me back to the home page


perhaps the footage is not allowed to be seen outside oz? 

and me with all this freshly-popped popcorn, too!

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Mar 19 17 1:43 PM

first: a much-delayed report that the '60 minutes australia' interview in kd's fb feed (on youtube) was/is wonderful, for those of you who may be unaware of it. i am remiss in not getting back sooner to note that fact. it is a pure joy to watch.

second: the image you posted above is not showing too clearly on my screen, bep, but i take it's a portrait of your kd ticket(s), no?

if so, hurrah! smiley: happy

lucky youse!

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