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I was recently contacted by Dennis Marcenko k.d.s bass player from the 80s and he sent me some absolutely fantastic personal never before seen photos of k.d and band from 1985!

My name is Dennis Marcenko and I was k.d.s bass player in the Reclines from '85 to '88.... A very very exciting time in my life.... She'd lift the hairs on my neck at least 2 times each show in that time... The rest of the time I had my hands full playing bass , haha....

Here is where photos get very very rare.......I took this and removed
it from an old photo album of shots I took back then.. In '85 we went
to Japan and played around the country from top to bottom for 6 long
weeks...... This was in Kobe one night at an outdoor show that
featured dancers and performances of many kinds.. At the end of the
show the dancers went out into the crowd and handed a few people fans
and encouraged people to dance with them......

Here Gordie and Kathy are sitting in the audience of the outdoor show
in Kobe
I'm not sure if this shot is very good for you but it is a bit > interesting.... They had us play shows all over japan back in the > day when no one knew who she was and we ended up in some pretty > strange places..... Here we are in a shopping mall, playing for no > one in the audience.......

We took this one out of a frame to scan it...... It was a show in Banff and I just love the color. Its one of my faves.. She looks great and Gordie and I are in the background.. Those are the boots I wore on the Carson show..
This was an inter-office Christmas card from the early 80's........ Kinda funny....
and a postcard...

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Dec 10 08 1:22 AM

i adore flirty kathy in the audience!image

kf, i wonder whether the very generous and clearly kdian mr. m. might like to join our happy little band.

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Dec 10 08 11:51 AM

No wonder Ben Mink noticed her on that Japanese trip. It was a momentous meeting.

I do like the many arrows indicating the Up escalator...just in case one might be tempted to go down by mistake. image

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Dec 10 08 3:57 PM

Wow!!!! Those pictures are awesome!! Dennis, thank you SO much for sharing them & your insights with us all!! imageimageimageimage

Love is touching souls, well surely you've touched mine - kd lang image

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Dec 10 08 10:42 PM

Oh Dennis you are so amazing for sharing those memories! I have watched so many clips now of you all during the reclines era- and you always looked liked you had so much fun- I really liked you and kd spinning round in the Turn Me Round video and your antics and mad dancing in the shows! I so wished I could have seen one of those shows live! I'd love to know how kd has always seemed to be supported loyally by brilliant musicians- I am assuming she must be great to work with and very professional.
Thanks again Dennis for contacting Shelley- we are real kd fans here and love the music you have created with her!!!

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Dec 11 08 7:41 AM

WOW! Thank you Dennis for those great shots! What memories those must have for you. What a treat to see kd and her band at the very beginning of it all. Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us.

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